This Fever For Millions


This new fever is about to hit the country after the big jackpots in the two draws of the game 6/49 continue to pile with enviable speed. An amount of BGN 2 052 000 is expected in a second draw of the oldest game of chance of the Bulgarian sports totalizator this Sunday (1 August 2010). The jackpot will tempt participants for the next draw of the Totalizer, since in this 59th run, numbers 4, 8, 30, 35, 43 and 46 in a second draw differ from participants’ assumptions.

In the first draw of the game 6/49, the cumulative amount expected for Sunday is 838 000 BGN. And in this draw, the winning combination of the 22, 33, 37, 39, 47 and 48 faded away with the numbers crossed out by the participants.

Thus, on August 1st, the total amount expected in this game of the Bulgarian Sports Totalizator will be BGN 2 890 000. “Amounts continue to accumulate at high speed,” commented Damian Damyanov, CEO of BST. “Most entries in the Totalizer mean higher revenues for Bulgarian sport. That is why the accumulation of big jackpots can only delight us . “Added Damyanov.

Any lucky candidate can check the numbers he has bet on, with winning combinations in the next 60th run of the Totalizer. Live Draw Sgp will take place on 17:00 on Bulgarian National Television this Sunday. For all who miss the withdrawal on the Bulgarian National Television, the site of the Bulgarian National Radio is available –